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              31 You are fully authorized to procure powder for the Army by purchase, or if necessary by impressment, giving duplicate receipts therefor, allowing a reasonable price, subject to approval at these Head Quarters.  The General [Thomas C. Hindman] desires you to transport it to this place in Carts or very light Wagons, which can be moved with rapidity.  You are also authorized to impress Wagons, if necessary.  Very Respectfully  R. [Robert] C. Newton A.A. Genl  E.W. Parker Esq.  [line break]  Head Quarters Army of the South West  Little Rock Arks [Arkansas] June 17th 1862.  General [Albert Pike]:  Enclosed is a copy of my letter to you of May 31st.  It was sent by a courier, but no reply has yet reached me.  The reasons for detaching your White Infantry force, and a Six Gun Battery, under Capt [William E.] Woodruff, are imperative.  If those Commands have not already started, you will hurry them forward as rapidly as practicable.  With your remaining force, you will move at once to (or near) Fort Gibson, in the Cherokee Nation, and there establish your Head Quarters.  If there be any special reasons of importance for so doing, you can leave a post guard at your present Camp.  Maj N. [Nicholas] B. Pearce is assigned to duty as Chief of the Quarter-Master and Commissary Departments               
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Copybook of Orders and Letters from Thomas Hindman's Command, 11 June - 30 Dec. 1862

200 total pages