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              Hd. Qrs. Little Rock [Arkansas] June 19th [1862] Operator at Des Arc, Did you forward my dispatch to Col [Francis Asbury] Shoup at Duvals [DeVall's] Bluff?  Send for a answer at once if you did. T. [Thomas] C. Hindman Maj. Genl [line break] Little Rock June 19th 1862 Genl [Albert] Rust, Near Searcy (Courier from Brownsville in great haste) Did you send detachment to Duvals Bluff as ordered? How many? When did it start? Remember the instructions given you in my dispatch of yesterday be certain to execute them. T.C. Hindman Maj. Genl. [line break] Little Rock June 19th 1862 Lt. Col. C. [Charles] H. Matlock Camp Cache (via Cotton Plant) Your request is granted. Inform me of your strength, and where your command is. How far from river, what route you will reach it by &c. T.C. Hindman Maj. Genl. Comdg               
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Copybook of Telegraphic Dispatches from Thomas Hindman's command, 2 June - 9 Oct. 1862

325 total pages