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              Fort Smith [Arkansas] &c Telegraphic Dispatches Memphis and Little Rock Line Little Rock June 2nd 1863 Capt. J.C. Johnson  or Str. "Era No 6" Lewisburg  Send down to this place, as you ascend the river, all ferry boats, flatboats, keel boats, and barges. Do this promptly.  Do not detain the Era so as to be caught by low waters. T. [Thomas] C. Hindman Major Genl Comdg. [line break] Little Rock June 2nd 1862 Capt. John B Lockman Chief of Ordinance of Trans Miss Dist, at Memphis, Grenade or Columbus.  Hurry all the stores you can possibly procure to Vicksburg or some other eligible points, and across the Mississippi River. I am sadly in need of arms, ammunition and equipment, and am depending upon you. T.C. Hindman Maj. Genl. Comdg. [line break] Little Rock. June 2nd, 1862 Dr. [Ruben T.] Markham, Lewisburg, Arks.  Genl Hindman directed the officer in command of detachment sent up the river on steamboat "Era No 6", to send to this place all flat boats found on the river.  He desires that all such should stop at the mouth of the Cadron, to be laden with lumber.  will you see that they are so directed.  A detachment has been sent to have the lumber hauled to that place from Merrefees [Murphy's] Mill. R. [Robert] C. Newton A.A. Genl               
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Copybook of Telegraphic Dispatches from Thomas Hindman's command, 2 June - 9 Oct. 1862

325 total pages