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              The "Unknown Comic" was unbagged on NBC's "Real People" Wednesday. Underneath the bag, Murray Langston wore a false nose and eyeglasses. His fans need not worry. He will continue to use his brown paper trademark so familiar to viewers. 

R. Buckminster Fuller scientist, philosopher, enviommentalist and developer of the revolutionary geodesic dome is off on a new intellectual journey. He announced Wednesday he's forming an architectural firm in Cleveland to develop energy self-sufficient structures. Says the 84-year-old pioneer, "We really have an option on our planet to have everybody enjoying a high standard of living, instead of having the have-nots pull everybodv down." The Japanese sisters Mie and Kei Goto, who sing as "Pink Lady," have grossed $100 million so far in record sales. Now they're about to do some grossing in American television. They'll be out soon in "Pink Lady . . . and Jeff a six-show variety series for NBC-TV. Jeff is comic Jeff Airman, who wound up taping the first seg- ment by wearing his tux in a hot tub. But he was in good company with guest stars Larry Bagman, Teddy Pendergrass and Sid Caesar. Disc jockey Stan Martin had skepticism written all over his face as he watched Israeli psychic Uri Geller bend spoons and things with his mind at a leap year symposium at New York's Nirvana restaurant So Geller "set out to make him a believer. He told Martin to draw something and keep it covered, and Martin did on a tablecloth. Geller simultaneously duplicated the design line for line. Does Martin believe now? Well, he took the tablecloth when he left. For the third time, it's marriage on the rocks for Glen CampbelL Wife Sara Jan is suing him for divorce in Los Angeles asking alimony, custody of their infant son and control of stocks, bonds and other valuables acquired before she divorced Mac Davis and married him 3 years ago. Court records show the Campbells split last week. Gilbert Schrier finally has celebrated his 13th birthday and now. at the age of 52, he's getting his bar mitzvah. Schrier was bom on the leap year day of Feb. 29, so he has a birthday anniversary only once every four years. Friday marks No. 13 the age at which a Jewish "boy finally becomes a man. He'll have the bar mitzvah Saturday in El Paso, Texas. "How many people have a second opportunity at 52 to be 13?" 

To Seaman Lisa Ann Wolff a 5-foot-2 brunette from Fargo, N.D. the opportunity to pose bottomless aboard a sailboat for Playboy magazine was "an exciting thing to do, an adventure, an opportunity I would never have again." Navy brass is less titillated. It's investigating Seaman Wolff and Susan Gage, who also posed for the "women in the military" layout, and mav court-martial them. Protests Seaman Wolff, "I didn't do it to make the Navy look bad." Bill Stacy, who has been everything from football player to interim president at Southeast Missouri State University, was given a five-year contract to become president of the school Thursday. Stacy, 41, who earned his bachelor's degree at the university, returned to the serve on the staff there in 1967. He has been interim president since last July, when Robert E. Leestamper left following a dispute with the Regents. I               

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